The first meeting of the team that was formed to evaluate the transport sector was held under the chairmanship of Minister of Transport Eng. During the meeting, several issues concerning the development of the road transport sector were discussed. It was agreed on the purpose for which the team was formed and what are the issues that limit its advancement.

The meeting concluded that each party to submit a paper containing the problems faced by each type of road transport and the proposed solutions to be discussed at the next meeting.

For his part, the Minister of Transport stressed during the meeting the need to expedite the work of the team in order to reach optimal solutions to raise the level of the sector to meet international standards and meet the need of the local market and provide the best services to citizens and traders alike.

He stressed that it is time to work together to find a sophisticated and safe transport system and launch towards a bright future in cooperation with the relevant authorities and activate the role of the private sector because of its importance in this area.